Ideas for Hen Party in Glasgow

My best friend is getting married in June so its about the time to arrange the hen do for her. She is my soul mate since we were kids and I want the best party ever for her, I want the night to remember! Unfortunately we are on budget and some of us are expecting so we cant go abroad or go paintballing. Any ideas, suggestions? Taking the time and budget we have decided to stay in Glasgow, so hen party in Glasgow! What can we do to celebrate hen party in Glasgow? It needs to be special, unique and needs to be this one time only! We are hoping to go wild , crazy and have fantastic time!

What to do in Glasgow?

So Hen party in Glasgow and what next? Shall we book a restaurant or bar or maybe spa for all of us? Boring!Glasgow girls are very special so the hen party in Glasgow have to be special to!

What can be better then male strippers? Hot, sexy guys only for us!That's it! That what we call the best hen party idea in Glasgow!

We are leaving boyfriends and husbands at home for these activities, ladies, this is all about gorgeous guys with washboard bodies, firm pecs and huge... personalities. Hen parties are a time for sisterhood, the marking of rites of passage to marriage, and getting drunk with the girls.

What better way to get your evening started then being waited on hand and foot by a scantily clad hunky butler. With just a collar, bow tie and a small apron around his waist to cover his modesty, your muscular servant will pour your drinks and keep all the girls entertained.

So go girls! go wild! and have the best hen do in Glasgow

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